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Where: UK

When: 2020

What: 896 steps to the top of the Walkie Talkie Building in London

Over £4,000 raised


The amazing group of clinicians and researchers working in Juvenile Dermatomyositis at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, the Institute of Child Health and University College London put their exercise tolerance to the test in aid of Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM)! The group raised funds to continue supporting the Juvenile Dermatomyositis Cohort and Biomarker Study (JDCBS) which collects data, blood and specimens of those with JDM - which allows plotting how everyone in the UK is doing over time, so we can monitor how the illness effects everyone and which medicines work the best!

The team are an eclectic and funny bunch of different professionals, ranging from the clinical side to the scientific side ("we're the ones that actually do all the hard work!" as they will say). From Prof Lucy Wedderburn (from GOS) and Dr Coziana Ciurtin (from UCLH), with Polly Livermore (Senior Nurse at GOS), Christy Piper (Play Specialist at GOS), Dr Claire Deakin, Dr Merry Wilkinson, Beth Jebson and Kathryn O'Brien - make the team, who risked showing how unfit they are climbing almost 1,000 steps to the top of the Walkie Talkie Building in London on Saturday 29th Feb 2020.

Despite this collective humbleness, the whole team managed to complete the near 1,000 steps in under 12 minutes! And thanks to generous friends, family, colleagues and the wider public - raised over £4,000 to go directly to the research activities previously mentioned. 

GOSH TOWER CLIMB 2020-135.jpg
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